Photographing Your Children

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Every parent should make it a point to take lots of photographs of their children. Perhaps, these are one of the best gifts we can ever give them in a life time.

Children are just adorable! They are carefree, funny, and full of zest; distant from the burdens and troubles of adult life. Sadly, they will not be children forever. Soon enough, they will know of heartaches, financial difficulties, and looming responsibilities. While they are young, it would be best to take lots of photos of them, so that they may have something to remind them of a happier time. Here are some suggestions to make the best out of your children’s photographs.

Their First Day on Earth

There are a lot of milestones and rites of passage that children will achieve, but I personally think that nothing will ever compare to that very moment that they are actually delivered from their mother’s womb, and onto this world. So if you are expecting a baby, never forget to bring your camera to the hospital, and take a snap at your new born baby.

Get Extremely Close

You just want to stare at your new born; examining every detail and arguing with your partner over were your baby got his beautiful eyes. Take closeup photos of your child’s features using a macro lens or a magnifying glass; his feet, his hands, his face.

Quality Time

When you have a child, you’re always in a hurry to go home; you’re always excited for upcoming holidays; opportunities for you to do nothing but spend quality time with your baby. Take photos of these precious moments.

The Old and the Young

The contrasting age of your child and your parents is so fun to watch. It’s like seeing the cycle of life. You can actually picture out how your parents cared for you and loved you when you were young. Hand your baby over to their grandparents and take a photo of them together.

Children’s Laughter

It is not that hard to make children laugh. Yes, you may need to make a fool of yourself sometimes, but it all worth it. Do the Gang Nam dance, make faces, pretend that you have tripped on the floor, you are sure to win your child’s precious laughter. Once they do, make sure that you have your camera on your hand to capture that most genuine form of happiness in the world.

Watch Them Play

As soon as they start to crawl, walk, and climb, you better be ready to run after them. Make sure that you have the energy because children are like energizer bunnies; they don’t really have a clear grasp of what it is to be tired. As you run with them, do not forget to take their photographs.

Watch them Sleep

After playing for what seemed to be an eternity, your child will eventually get tired and fall to sleep. As they lay in their beds peacefully, you wonder about what they are dreaming about, while you are thinking of how you can make all their dreams come true. Some cultures discourage taking photos of a sleeping person, but I think it’s ok to give in to the temptation sometimes.

Sunday’s Best

Some occasions call for your child to dress up; going to church on a Sunday or even being a flower girl on your relative’s wedding. Don’t miss these opportunities, and take lots of snaps of your child.

Train Them to be a Lomographer

It is never too early to share your cameras with your child. Though they may not know how to use it, you can already teach them how to appreciate the wonderful world of analogue photography. When we grow old, it would be nice to play with our grand children as our children take photos of us.

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