Diana+ Pinhole-Multi Operator


The Diana+ Pinhole-Multi Operator is a multifaceted wonder to add to your pinhole or 120 collection.

The Diana+ Pinhole-Multi Operator is one of the many tools in my pinhole arsenal. I love the camera! It is a light weight model that fits in my bag and handles with the familiarity of the Diana F+. Not only does it have the same shape as the Diana F+, it uses some of the very same accessories like the flash or the 35mm Back+.

Credits: neanderthalis

The fist thing that is important is that you do not need the cable release to use. It has a simple lever that remains in the open or closed until you decide to open it.

Next is that it has a pinhole selector of 1,2 or even 3 pinholes at at time to create interesting photos.

Thirdly, you can use one of the several included colored lenses to create effects.

How can you get bored with that? I do not know!

Some of the color filters:

Credits: neanderthalis

One of my multi pinhole:

Credits: neanderthalis

Or single

Credits: neanderthalis

I also enjoy sticking on the 35mm back for the Diana F+

Credits: neanderthalis

I do recommend using a tripod, the camera is really light weight and a good gust of wind could move it easily. The camera handles and loads a lot like the Diana F+ so if you want to have an easy transition into pinholes, I recommend this model. You just throw a few rolls in your bag and your color gels and enjoy.


The Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator allows you to choose from 1, 2, or 3 pinholes on a shot. Paired with colour gels, there’s no end to your medium format pinhole fun! Get your own Diana Multi Pinhole Operator now!

written by neanderthalis on 2012-11-19 #gear #test #pinhole #review #colors #multiple

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