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Many of our community members have dabbled their way into almost every Lomography camera, and Mr-furet is no exception! Community LomoAmigo Stephane, a.k.a., Mr-furet, shares his collection of photos with us and gives us some insight on being a Lomographer in the beautiful Canadian city of Montreal!

Credits: mr-furet

Name: Stephane
LomoHome: mr-furet
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hello Stephane! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got hooked into Lomography!

Hi !
So, who am I? I’m a 30-year-old frenchie that, after having lived 10 years in Paris, has arrived in Montreal. I started to shoot quite late. During my studies, I had some photography lessons and my girlfriend who studied photography lended me her DSLR. Then, very quickly, I was shooting almost more than her! It was very helpful to know the photo techniques, to know what exposure was, a depth of field…

Then, my friend AdBigmilk showed me a photo he took with his Diana. I got hooked almost instantly. I have to say that I already was a fan of analogic sound. Being a musician and sound engineer, I played a lot with analogic synth, tape recorders, and I’m a real vinyl lover. So discovering that I can get the same vibrations at a visual level was very exciting!

Well, you seem to own quite a few Lomography cameras, which was your first camera? Your favourite camera?

Some cameras…? Yes, you might say that! Once you get your fingers on it, you’re quickly up to your shoulders in it… One camera 4 years ago, and now, I’ve got 10 of them, and I feel this is not going to stop!

My first one was a Holga CMY, so funky!! It’s difficult to be unseen with it, but I sometimes use their colours to intrigue people and steal some photos of them… You can’t buy it anymore, so I’m keeping it very close. One time I lent it (to orohim) and I made sure to keep close tabs on it! It’s really a great camera to start with. I love the softness of its pictures, its dark edges, the easy settings and of course, the square format. For me, who was coming from the 24-36 format, it was very inspiring and a way to discover some new rules. I love putting the subject right in the center, creating a certain strength especially when it comes to portraits.

Credits: mr-furet

For my favourite, it’s a bit harder. I love my Lubitel 166+, period, which is very sharp and allows me some real settings.

Credits: mr-furet

Also, the Sprocket Rocket is all that I love in my Holga, but wiiiiiide!!

Credits: mr-furet

For now I’m digging with a Mamiya C220, a family discovery. It’s quite big and heavy, but the quality of the lens is totally awesome!

Credits: mr-furet

But the one that always lasts is my LC-A+. Always in my pocket, it’s my companion with or without flash, the one that allows me to test a lot of different films!

Credits: mr-furet

You live in Montreal – How long have you been here? What is your favourite thing about this city?

I arrived in February and what I really love is the style of this city. It’s a lot of little things. Visually, first, you’ve got those bricks, the street art, the nature everywhere, the small back lanes. This is kind of a rough urban mix that is very cool. Then there is this cultural boiling – 80% of the people I met is in touch with creation! So there are always concerts, previews and parties, and you don’t spend much time at home! But what amazes me the most here, is how easy it is to meet people. No stress – conversing with everyone is so simple. And they’re accessible, pleasant and interesting.

How is it like being a Lomographer in Montreal? Do you get many opportunities to shoot analogue photographs?

First, I’m glad I found some Lomography retailers, and also some places to buy almost all the films I like. Still there is no Lomography store in Montréal, and I’m fighting for that! As I said before, there are plenty of occasions to shoot over here. You’ve got the walks across the streets, the parties, the BBQ, the “cottage country” weekends, all is a good context to put the moment on film. And then with all the seasons that change the face of the city, there are always photo ops!

But the thing I like the most is to take portraits of people, friends, unknowns, faces, attitudes… and for that, the kindness of the people from Montreal helps a lot!

Credits: mr-furet

What is your favourite shot that you took in your beautiful city of Montreal ? What, where, when, why, how, etc.? Just pick one though!

Credits: mr-furet

It is hard to choose one, but I looked at all the pictures that I’ve done again and again, and this one touches me every time. There is some softness, some calm that rises from it. You could say that it could have been taken from anywhere, but this “chillin’ in the park” mood is very characteristic from here. You were at a party the day before, you take your time and you meet at Park Laurier to have a “pétanque” in a late afternoon when the light is getting warm. The girls are making tattoos, boys are playing cards, and everybody’s talking and laughing…

Lastly, what advice do you have for any people thinking of picking up Lomography for the first time?

Get ready to try everything you can and to see the world around you with another eye!!!

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