Your Lomo Milestones: Love and Lomography


My first Lomography affair began while my first love affair bloomed. So here’s the story about my first photos with my first love, by my first Lomography camera, in my first year in college.

This story is about my Spinner 360 and the girl from Faculty of Math and Science, which is beside mine, the Faculty of Public Health. My Lomography affair and my own love affair began at the same time during my first year in my college, University of Indonesia.

Lomography Spinner 360 had attracted me from its debut in Indonesia, and its panoramic photos made me fall in love at first sight. I saw it in Lomonesia, the Indonesian Lomography Community webpage. So, I decided to save some money to buy it.

Credits: arydwiaji

I had already known her when my Spinner 360 attracted me. I known her in “Paskibra” in my campus. “Paskibra” is a kind of Flag Raiser in Indonesia’s Independence Day Ceremony in my campus. When we practiced for the ceremony, my eyes couldn’t stop being attracted with her face. Her face was like a magnet that pulled my attention. My eyes could only surrender to look at her beauty. It was a sweet surrender, and I’ll never regret it

Credits: arydwiaji

Topic by topic was shared, story by story was told, until we ended up in a relationship. Every moment we went through together, every memory we made, every tears we cried, and every smile we shared decorated our relationship.

Credits: arydwiaji

But now, our relationship has been broken. Sometimes, I still remember her in my spare time, when I go home alone in the night, and before I sleep. Sometimes, love is like a frozen flame—cold, but you still can feel the heat. I don’t know, if she will she get to read this someday or not, but, I just want to say, thank you for every memory—in my heart, in my mind, and even in my negative films.

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