My Beautiful, Old Lubitel 1

I love my Lubitel 1, it was my first camera with a B mode and multiple exposures: and that means FUN!

Credits: saidseni

My father bought me this camera at an antique shop in Saint Petersburg. It was so cheap and looked so beautiful he thought that if it didn’t work, it would look great in a shelf at home anyway.

The camera is all manual, you can choose the aperture and speed and it uses 120 film. It takes cute squared pictures and I was very happy when I got my first pictures.

Credits: saidseni

With this camera it’s possible to take multiple exposures, since you are the one who decide when to advance the film. The fun starts!

Credits: saidseni

It also works great with cross-processed slide film and you can change the settings and see the different effects it has on films.

Lomography X-Pro 200
Fuji Astia 100 F
Fujifilm RTP T64

That’s also great for redscale film, you can go from yellow to dark red and rose, just play with the settings!

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

This camera is my light painting buddy, that’s my favorite thing to shoot with it! It has a B mode, which means the shutter stays open as long as you want and with a cable release I don’t have to hold the shutter. I can let my imagination fly! It is also great for some fun with the Colorsplash Flash.

Credits: saidseni

Since it is the first edition of the Lubitel, you can’t use any accessories with it, unlike the newest editions like the Lubitel 166+, so I have to use the flash myself. But that only makes me try to explore it more! Why not combine it’s two most nice abilities?

Double exposure: view from my veranda at night and light painting inside.

The final detail I love in this camera is it’s name: Lubitel sounds nice and means “amateur” in Russian! :)

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