No Worries, you aren't Colorblind.

2012-11-19 2

Red-orange is the color corresponding to desire, pleasure, domination, aggression, and thirst for action. Hence, this is the nature of Lomography Redscale 100.

When the sky is no longer blue, buildings are no longer white, almost everything existing in the photos are no longer in the natural color but in red-orange, don’t worry, you are not a colorblind. This is the magic of Lomography Redscale 100.

Before this, I was not a redscale film fan, dare not to try this type of film until the day I visited Malacca, a historical town located in Malaysia. I wanted to make this town look more vintage and unique. Hence I decided to try redscale films. The outcome did not disappoint me. So the lesson: Do not afraid to try new film in your analogue cameras!

To show the contrast, I had captured the same scene with a digital camera. You can easily differentiate the tone of a normal photo and those interesting color tone captured with redscale film.

Therefore, white, blue, green or red, orange and yellow, which one you prefer? Your choice!

written by alive13 on 2012-11-19 #gear #review #malaysia #lomography-redscale-100 #olympus-mju-ii


  1. rocketaz
    rocketaz ·

    Amazing redscale photos you took on Malacca streets!
    By the way, what camera you used for all these photos?

  2. alive13
    alive13 ·

    thank you. Olympus Mju II.

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