Lomo Swap Amsterdam-Tel-Aviv

2012-11-11 1

The humidity and heat that took over Tel-Aviv in the last few days didn’t stop our Lomo-lovers from joining our last meet up among the fascinating alleyways of Yafos’ flea market.

This typical Israeli markets’ view fit in just right with the films Daphne brought with her from faraway Amsterdam, films that have already been shot once by the talented Amsterdamian Lomographers, and was now ready for a Lomo-swap!

Here are some of the amazing results.

We started in the famous clock tower, whipped out our cameras and started with some tips for successful double exposure film from our very own Tomai. Each participant drew a roll or two out of the bag and met their overseas match for some Lomographic fun.

We got lost in the alleys of the old city market, drew attention of curious passersby to our fast snapping &colorful cams ,nearly lost Tomai twice (!), ate lots of hummus, got offered a pair of shoes, necklaces, books & camels, somebody even proposed.

We enjoyed every moment, and can’t wait for the next swap!
Thanks to our Lomo-buddies from Lomography Amsterdam for the amazing film for this Lomo-Swap and the good times :)

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    I love the last photo... pretty feet ;)

    And GREAT article!

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