Make a Lomowalk 100 Feet Below the River


In the center of Antwerp, one of Belgium’s major cities, there is a hidden Lomo treasure. It is an eighty year old pedestrian tunnel under the river and it is called the Sint-Anna Pedestrian Tunnel. You are not only walking 100 feet below the river, you are walking back in time

The tunnel is nearly half a mile long and was opened in 1933. It’s a popular location amongst photographers. So you can always have a nice talk with other photographers while the locals are traversing from one side to the other. Expect to be in the center of attention when you pull out an analogue shooter in the middle of all the digital cameras.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

I only visited the tunnel briefly as I was on my way to a very interesting workshop in the Lomography Gallery Store Antwerp. I was just able to grab a few snaps but I am certainly going back because the tunnel offers a lot of creative possibilities. I want to shoot doubles, long exposures and I can’t wait to see what the Lomography Spinner 360° will be doing to the place!

Credits: gauthierdumonde, mizzfonky & shie

Don’t forget to shoot the wooden automated stairs. They are from 1933 and were a real technological piece of art in their time.

Credits: gauthierdumonde & aev

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-11-19 #videos #places #river #belgium #location #antwerp #urban-adventures #sint-anna #pedestrian-tunnel #foot-tunnel


  1. mapix
    mapix ·

    will not miss it if i visit Antwerp! wooden automated stairs sounds great too - thanks for the article!

  2. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    @mapix some of my friends get claustrophobic when they are in the middle :)

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