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New York is regarded as the city that never sleeps. However, with Hurricane Sandy, many of her inhabitants could only bide their time indoors. In the aftermath the streets were found ruined, trash everywhere, and even the electricity was severed! Typhoon Sandy showed us the New York City that we’ve only ever before seen in movies.

Credits: tiano

New York City (NYC) by night is usually multicolored. However, as the city’s electricity grid was destroyed by the Typhoon the city fell dark and the liveliness displaced. Without electricity, many city dwellers felt the strain and many said the situation seemed apocalyptical. But everything has two sides and can be seen by many perspectives. Randy Scott Slavin, a photographer and director based in NYC, treated it as a good opportunity to capture an unusual side of the one of the most photographed cities.

Picture is taken from Fotobeginner and Randy Scott Slavin

==New York Unplugged==” is series of pictures taken by Slavin of New York City sans electricity. He used the long exposure technique to capture the only objects that still produced light on the street though batteries – cars.

Picture is taken from Fotobeginner and Randy Scott Slavin

Can you feel the cool tones and atmosphere that penetrate through the pictures? There are no pedestrians in the images. Just you, the viewer, and the city itself.

Picture is taken from Randy Scott Slavin Facebook Page and Randy Scott Slavin

You can check out more pictures of this series on Randy Scott Slavin! I also recommend another series by Slavin: ==Alternative Perspectives==" which is equally as interesting! Maybe it can inspire you to look at your city with different angles!

Typhoons can be destructive but also inspirational! What Slavin did is surely one example of the latter! Different situations can result due to Hurricanes and storms such as delays in flights. Our article When Typhoon Comes So Does Inspiration shows another example of what impressive scenes can be brought by typhoons. Inspiration often materializes without one noticing so it’s always good to bring along your camera and capture those unexpected, Lomography moments.

This article is inspired by an entry on Fotobeginner

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