This Calls for a Celebration: The Armview


The Armview restaurant and Lounge is located in Halifax, in the Canadian provence of Nova Scotia. The Armview has seen a great number of celebrations in it’s day, and this year it topped it off with celebrating it’s 60th year, a great feat for any restaurant! It is also one of my favourites for celebrating a special occasion or just catching up with friends over a milkshake.

The Armview restaurant and diner has its’ name as it is situated close to the Halifax arm which is an inlet coming in off of the harbor. This is a nice area for families as there is a great walking trail and even a small beach close-by. It is an easy walk from the Halifax shopping center, great for lunches out with friends then hitting the mall after.

The Armview celebrated its’ 60th anniversary this summer and although the restaurant had a facelift a few years ago it still maintains a lot of the same charm. I love seeing vintage throwbacks in any situation but the Armview does it with sincerity.

They have a great menu which is like a blend of an old school diner and local and international flavors such as the peanut butter burger and my favorite, the sesame chicken stir-fry. The lounge is a great place to chill and have a relaxing drink and I’m told they have a great wine list and even do special events with DJs and do wine tasting events.

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