My First Lomo Summer

2012-12-06 1

Winter is finally here—the days are getting colder and we can feel the nice and soft touch of wool once more. But I refuse to give up yet. I would like to show you my first Lomo summer so we all can have a warm bit of summer before what lays ahead. Please come on in!

I got back to Portugal from Paris in June and even though I couldn’t stop think about going back to my favorite city, I must confess that I had missed these hot and sunny days of Portuguese summer.

I had to finish some college exams first, but I could finally enjoy Lisbon under the sunny sky with some friends. As you can see, the sunshine makes Lisbon even more beautiful.

Something I had missed a lot since moving to Paris was seeing the sea and going to the beach. It had been a long time since I last saw my family. We had been apart for an entire year, so I convinced my mother to book some holidays in the South of Portugal, in an area called Algarve. It’s well-known in Engand.

Even though it is not my favorite beach place, It is very easy to go there and for my mother that works a lot and always needs to have a laptop and internet it was the right choice.

But I could finally escape and go away with some friends, doing what I love to do more: traveling with a rucksack.

We decided to explore a part of the Portuguese coast, called Costa Vicentina, that is still wild and untouched. I can’t tell you the name of the beaches, and I couldn’t tell you the name of all the little towns we found… But I can tell you it’s an amazing place to visit… Very wild, very untouched. Just grab a map and go, if you find a dirt path, try it, you may find an empty beach with amazing rocks and clear water. I must confess I fell in love with that area. We have never gone to the same beach twice, in some we would found people, in others we didn’t.. One day we took a trip to the southern most point of Portugal, the Sagres Cape, and I photographed its amazing lighthouse. There are good camping sites with good facilities, so please take a chance.

Before summer, I had ordered an Aquapix camera, so I took it with me to try. I was so surprised with the results, have a look:

Hope I could give a little warmth before winter. It was so much fun to have some Lomo Cameras with me during summer, and I’m so excited I can have my first Lomo Christmas too!

Have lomo fun!

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  1. veveruna
    veveruna ·

    wow! are all of these photos taken by Aqua Pix? :)) it's amazing!

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