Almeida - A Star Made of Stone!


Almeida, an extremely well preserved old village, is one of the best examples of a military bulwark in Portugal.

Seen from the air, the Almeida village, classified as a historical village, looks like a 12 edge star!

This notable fortress was built in 1641, around a medieval castle, on a very important place as a strategic defence point of the region – a plateau at about 12km from the border with Spain. Almeida was the stage to numerous battles, such as the Restoration Wars of the 17th century and to the French Invasions of the 19th century, among others.

In the fortress interior, it’s worth visiting the harmonious set of typical houses and the many religious buildings throughout the narrow streets that keep the charming ambiance of ancient times. Visiting Almeida, you can stay in the lovely Pousada de Almeida (Almeida’s Hotel), among a few other lodges.

You should also visit the abandoned cemetery, which I think is a mysterious and very beautiful place.,_Portugal

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    Very nice ! My favourites are N°11, 14 and 21 !

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    a grande fortaleza! lindo!

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    mt bom Ana :D

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