SAY CHEESE!: Tips on Photographing Children


We have all wanted to take adorable pictures of the children in our lives. Your little brother or sister, niece, nephew, or even your own children. Even though they are always as cute as ever, it’s not that easy to capture it on film.

I absolutely adore my little three year old sister, she is the apple of my eye, or of my lens you could rather say. I’ve made some great pictures of her, but also many have failed. Is it lack in skill, timing of the overall hyper activeness of a three year old? I think the latter.

Here are a few tips to get great pictures out of those little wonders:

  • Expect the unexpected

Children do crazy things non-stop, so it is important you should have your camera with you all the time. From headstands to cartwheels or making ridiculous faces, just be ready to shoot! But be careful, those handfuls love to play with your camera. So keep it near you, but don’t place it in their reach!

  • Bribe bribe bribe!

It’s simple: if you want a little kid to behave or pose for a few minutes, bribe them! Candy is always a good choice, or you can promise to go out for ice cream or go playing at the playground (this also creates possible opportunities to shoot some fun pictures). If you dare, you can also let them play with your camera a bit. They will get interested and are more likely to want to do a photo shoot.

  • Surroundings

If you want to do a spontaneous photo shoot, don’t put the kid in front of a white wall. You shoot animals in their natural habitat, why don’t do the same with kids? Shoot them playing at the playground, jumping on their beds, playing with their toys, the possibilities are endless! The key is to make it exciting for them too!

  • Listen

Let them decide what they want to do, you could get some really funny pictures! Let them go crazy for a while before you tell them how you want them to pose. It will take the pressure off and also make the posing look more natural. Letting them pick their own outfit, also takes the pressure off a bit: they will feel more comfortable in something they have picked themselves than something they don’t like.

Well, this is all I can tell you out of my experiences. I hope it can help! If you have some tips of your own, don’t hesitate to comment. Have fun shooting and make some really cute pictures!

written by xgitte on 2012-11-14 #gear #tutorials #kids #crazy #children #cute #tipster #decoration #photographing

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