Tracing My Lomo Beginnings Back to the Beautiful Diana Mini

2012-11-28 2

My discovery of the digital grind and a travel adventure drove me to search for something new and start my lomo beginning. Read about it after the jump!

Tracing my true lomo beginnings takes me back just over a year ago. After teaching digital photography at school I became a little bored with the constant quick snapping of digital images. I knew the six week holidays were approaching and had a summer of interailing planned. I searched the internet looking for something to make my DSLR exciting again (maybe a new lens) when I came upon the beautiful Diana Mini. I instantly fell in love with this beautiful, tiny plastic camera. As I Googled the camera and found the link to the Diana Mini microsite I knew this is what I had been searching for. I loved how tiny and pretty it was but also the flexibility or the lovely square format and half frames. 72 pictures on a roll would be perfect for a summer of travels so I went ahead and ordered my new blue beauty as well as a few rolls for my trip.

The Diana Mini made me see photography in a new light—I was in love again. The suspense of waiting for a roll to be developed, the unpredictability, I loved it all! That was a summer I’ll never forget and I love the fact that I have all of my lomography photos printed out and made into a scrapbook. Despite this, I learnt a lot from those travels. Always check if the distance is correct, and never trust a lab if you just dropped off your film and didn’t tell them exactly what you want, you wont get it! Just over a year on and I have gained more than 15 cameras from a range of places, learned to develop film myself, and the lomo love affair is still going strong.

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