Sing Along to 'My Lomo & Me' by Olivia Ruiz

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You may need to practice and vocalize a bit since the song is actually in French, but “My Lomo & Me (Je Photographie Des Gens Heureux)” is a sweet-sounding melancholy tune by Olivia Ruiz in which she sings about her voyeuristic photography. Excuse our French!

Lomographers will probably enjoy French artist Olivia Ruiz’s cooing in her latest album, Le calme et la tempête, and even moreso because she wrote a song about Lomo! “My Lomo & Me (Je Photographie Des Gens Heureux)” is the first single off her latest album where she sings of her favorite past time, photography.

Je tire les rideaux et grimpe sur le toit
Regarder les photos Lomo de toi et moi

In the video, she is seen turning her hotel room into a camera obscura, capturing candid moments of strangers next door. She is also seen getting luxurious “darkroom service” which comes with a butler who prepares the developing chemicals!

Watch the video below to listen to the song and to see the monochromatic twist ending. Visit Olivia Ruiz to find out more about her music.

My Lomo & Me (Je Photographie Des Gens Heureux) by Olivia Ruiz via YouTube

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