Ilford XP2 (35mm, 400 iso) User-Review


Unlike many B&W films, the Ilford XP2 produces flatter images, which means more retro-ness in your photos! Read more to see how it works under different conditions!

Unlike many black and white films, the Ilford XP2 generally produces flatter images, meaning less contrast in your images. This is not a bad thing, instead, it boosts the retro-ness in your images!

Grains produced are very fine during day time when there is enough (not necessarily abundant) sunlight. Details definitely well kept. At night, things become a little different. More grains can be spotted, but not as much as we would thought when there is a source of light, be it street lamps or desk lamps. Love how the lights and shadows contrast each other at night when seen through this black and white film.

Put in your Ilford XP2 into your camera, wait for the night to come and start shooting. Better effects when it is raining. This film is sure to make your photos look aged and definitely fun and exciting to play with!

written by ccwai on 2009-11-21 #gear #film #black-and-white #review #rain #china #shanghai #b-w #ilford-400-xp2


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    A great film ! Cool review !

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    mcrstar ·

    nice dog :)

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