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We kick-off the first Wednesday of November by finding answers to (some) Lomography questions unknown! It sure will be a long month so hop in your seat and read this Q and A we have prepared for you!

We have been getting the hang of our Ask Your Guru feature that we keep the queries going! And this week we’re giving you two amazing Lomographers from Indonesia!

Credits: adi_totp

He is very much active in our Community and have made a lot of friends because of this! You know him as adi_totp but he is Adi Prakarsa outside the interwebs. Living in Bandung, West Java of Indonesia, Adi started Lomography in 2007 with a Fisheye no. 2 that he uses until now!

Adi is a post-graduate student and is currently very busy with his thesis! But even with a hectic school life, he is still so intact with Lomography that he is even a racer for the upcoming LC-Wide Race! And oh, check out his film swap project here.

Credits: gendis

Then here comes gendis or Sondy Kurnia coming from Jakarta. A random story: Sondy found out about Lomography through television — from Lomonesia, four years ago.

He mostly concentrates on portraits but also loves doing landscape photography! And oh, he says that Lomography is perfect for him since he just can’t work with Photoshop.

Gendis’ most popular Lomograph that made the rounds in our Community for quite a while.

Let’s now see their interview!

Sondy Kurnia (SK): How do you make good doubles or multiple exposures?

Adi Prakarsa (AP): It depends on what camera you are using but the basic thing to do is to shoot the first dark layered object such as trees, walls, etc. After, shoot the second layer with a brighter object such as cars or maybe cats. My favourite subject to shoot is myself! Yes, self portraits are good for doubles or multiple exposures. You can check some examples below.

Credits: adi_totp

SK: Is there any technique to make no over-exposures when we shoot in MX?

AP: Please under-expose your shots so you’ll get the balance of the doubles. Set the ISO to 200 or 400 if you’re shooting with the Lomo LC-A+ and is using ISO 100 film. I learned this from the LC-A book by playing with the ISO on your camera, you’ll control the exposure of the first and second layer. If you’re feeling experimental, why not go for triples? Just make sure to shoot wisely so your Lomograph won’t be over-exposed. Yes, choose your objects wisely. That’s my best advice for you.

More examples from Adi.

SK: When using Aerochrome film, do you use IR filters? And how do you process it with C41 or E6 chemicals?

AP: To be honest, I never had the chance to use Aerochrome film and I don’t know what kind of IR filters there are. But I’m a big big fan of Aerochrome film! You can ask my dear friend Mery about this. She has the most stunning Aerochrome photos ever!

Credits: atria007

SK: Which do you prefer using when doing MX, colour film or slide film?

AP: I prefer slide film, of course! I think everybody here loves using slide film when doing some MX action or doubles. With slide film you can achieve the most colourful Lomographs! Sometimes I browse the Photos section just to see colourful lomographs and inspire my hunger for shooting. Long live slide film!!!

Credits: adi_totp

SK: Any tips on shooting MX? How do you get bright results on your Lomographs?

AP: MX is all about finding and shooting colourful objects to get bright results. You also have to be aware of the weather. It’s good to shoot with slide films on sunny days but you must check the ISO of your film.

Choose your film wisely! From ISO 100 ,200, 400, 800 to 1600 even 3200. It depends on the weather condition you’re shooting in. Oh, one more thing! If you’re out shooting and the weather is not that great, don’t hesitate to use your flash! Don’t think too much and enjoy while shooting! Have fun! Take a self portrait! Smile while shooting yourself!

Credits: adi_totp

For further reading, you can check my articles on how to shoot MX, how to play colours plus other Lomography shooting tips!

You better check these amazing Lomographs from Sondy!

Well, that was one helluva Ask Your Guru! Definitely got some MX tips on that one. Can we start shooting now? Great thanks to you, Adi and Sondy! Until the next AYG!

Are you a curious Newcomer? Or maybe a LomoGuru who would like to share tips and tricks to our noobs? Then this is your time to be featured! Just drop me a line at Catch ya!

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