Lubitel 166+: One Camera, Two Film Formats

2012-11-08 2

Finding the perfect analogue companion for every occasion is not easy, especially when you’re always on the go. Just when you find yourself thinking that it’s the perfect fit for a square, you realize that you’ve left your trusty medium format at home.

Or vice versa. When you’re in the mood for some fun and casual snaps, you find yourself a wee bit limited to only a dozen shots. Just your luck.

So this goes without saying that versatility has become one of the sought-after traits that one looks for in a camera.

But need not worry, because versatility’s what you can find on our very own Lubitel 166+!

With this twin-lens dynamite, you can choose to take gorgeous square images using the traditional 120 film format or cool vertical sprocket-exposed portraits using 35mm film, thanks to the innovative Lubikin set of accessories included in the package.

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself in the galleries below!


Credits: yasukif, peacocksky, elvismartinezsmith, lomographyaustx, billy_chan, jonzy, atomic_kh, tiano & elliechung7


Credits: koduckgirl, pisound69, frauspatzi & iantheman

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