Let's Walk Down Your Lomography Memory Lane

Whether you’re a longtime lover, an estranged shooter, a converted follower, or a wide-eyed newcomer, there’s bound to be a memory or story tied to Lomography that you fondly recall from time to time.

Photo by dux_x

We may have opened the week with a pop of champagne (thanks to our bubbly and brand new Sparkling Editions), but it’s all for a good cause as November heralds Lomography’s 20 years of existence!

It may seem like a short while in human years, these past two decades of shooting, living, and celebrating the analogue lifestyle has been amazing!

Of course, it wouldn’t be half as fantastic if it weren’t for you guys! So in the spirit of analogue love and friendship, let’s all sit and reminisce: share your favorite Lomography memories below and let’s toast to even greater years ahead!

And in any case you would like a more in-depth sharing, you could submit to us a whole article about it! Check out our Requested Posts listing for more details.

Credits: vicuna


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