The First Epic Lomography Exhibition: Moscow + New York


When big dreams start coming true, you start to chase grander ones. After the successful first ever exhibit and the debut of the first LomoWall, the Lomographic Society International came up with an amazing idea for an international exhibit: tens of thousands of photos between two mammoth countries, USA & Russia, in 1994!

On the night of the first ever Lomography exhibit in 1992 (the one where the first LomoWalls were made!), the founders of the Lomographic Society International were already cooking up something even more enormous.

The Cold War had left its impressions on the United States of America and the Soviet Union, and LSI thought that an international art event could be a super way to reconcile the two nations! With some help from the Austrian government, the plan was set into action.

Over 1,000 rolls of film were consumed and about 40,000 images were produced by its cross-country participants. 10,000 photos shot in New York City were first exhibited in Moscow. The next day, 10,000 more from the Russian capital were then shown in the Big Apple.

This successful exhibit also paved the way for LSI’s founders to negotiate with the folks from LOMO PLC—the makers of the original Russian LC-A—and the rest is Lomographic history!

*Visit the Lomography 20th Anniversary Website*

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