Can You Spot the Camera?

2012-11-06 1

Care to play a round of Spot the Camera with us? Come on now, it involves a cute song, cute kids, and cute things. Check it out!

When we first watched the music video of That’s What’s Up by American indie band Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, we were instantly hooked with the song and the cuteness overload that comes along with it!

Which is why it took us a second longer than the usual to realize that one of our analogue darlings made an appearance in the video! Can you tell us what it is?

Okay, we admit, it isn’t exactly rocket science, but we were really into the music and the cuteness! It’s scientifically proven that cute people and things provide effective distractions, you know?

RAWR! Photos by k_melancholy

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One Comment

  1. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    I don't really liked the song but the video it's really cool. And te Diana looks nice... that's te reasonwhy I want to gift an Holga or maybe a Diana for my 5 years old daughter... her mom wants to gift her a digital camera for kids.
    About spotting the camera, ¿have you seen the shirt that uses one of the boys in that Disney Channel's sitcom "Good luck Charlie"?

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