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Julia is an old school film photographer, who has been shooting and developing film her whole life. She lives in the beautiful Cornish countryside and takes advantage of the landscape around her to shoot star trails and nature. Read on to find out more about her…

Vital statistics
Name: Julia
LomoHome: Schlogoat
Where I Live: Mid Cornwall, UK
Age: 31
Dayjob: I’m a student, studying molecular science.

How long have you been a Lomographer?
I’ve always had cameras since I was little, and became serious about photography about 15 years ago.

What’s in your kit bag?
Ever present is my Diana F+. I always carry the Fisheye and wide angle lenses for it too. My oldest film camera is my Canon AE-1 which I love, its 50mm lens is delicious and I usually have that too. And spare film!

In my own words….
When I was young there was only film of course, and I always liked to have my own camera. My dad used to do a lot of photography so there were always cameras about, and he had his own darkroom before I was born. As a teenager I studied photography at college and I’ve loved it ever since. I used to have a real passion for developing and printing my own in darkrooms and when I went back to uni years later to study photography I was disappointed at the shift towards digital. I sort of went with it but it really killed my enthusiasm, it seemed to take out all the fun. About 6 months ago I was in a camera shop with a friend and they had Holgas and Dianas on the counter. I was fascinated, and so thrilled that there was still an analogue photography movement- I had no idea. I got a Diana and found the community right after, and have been obsessed ever since. Using 120 film in a ‘toy’ camera after only ever using it in a Zenza Bronica seemed so weird at first. I feel like I’m learning about photography all over again, and am so inspired by all the people in the community, I can spend hours just looking at people’s Lomographs, I love to see the different things people try and how different cameras behave. I’m coveting so many Lomo cameras, mainly the LC-A and Spinner 360, plus have begun acquiring old SLRs from all over. I’d love to get some images in a gallery. I love ‘arty’ nature shots very much but living in one of the most rural parts of the UK there’s a lot about, so I want to share sprocket holed multiple exposures with the world! I’m working on a series of ‘baths in nature’.

Ones to watch:
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