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Luke Austin studied digital art and works in a toyshop. That sense of creativity and fun carries through his photos (he’s planning an experiment that combines the Spinner with juggling…amazing) Read on to find out more about this evil genius!

Vital statistics
Name: Luke Austin
LomoHome: Lukeaaus
Where I Live: Brighton
Age: 25
Dayjob: I work in a toy shop

How long have you been a Lomographer?
Around 7 years. Bought a Holga whilst at university studying Digital Art. Fell in love instantly.

What’s in your kit bag?
Holga, Spinner 360, LCA+, Zenit 11, Eximus Wide & Slim, Ricoh 300G

In my own words….
After starting a Digital Arts degree course at university my brother recommended I should look at Lomography cameras cool styles, photos and community as a source of inspiration. I did and so intrigued I bought a green Holga and started snapping away. My housemates, my uni, my house, my girlfriend, my outings, my trips and journeys. Everything. I loved the crazy unpredictability and the anticipation of waiting for my photos to be processed and printed. I try and carry a camera on all adventures I take, even on days off meandering around town or to the seafront and especially on holidays and longer trips. Having a variety of film and cameras is the best way to experiment. Multiple exposures and light drawings at night make every film a little bit unique!

My favourite camera at the moment is the Spinner 360! The panoramas, the exposure over the sprockets and weird bends and curves of the earth are all shown in one shot. Amazing. Currently saving some pennies towards a motoriser so I can get some festive Christmas shots for my friends and family. Also, as I can juggle, I want to experiment with long night exposures and light up juggling balls as well as implementing toys from the shop into the cameras or shots I take!

Ones to watch:

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