The First LomoWalls

Lomography is all about creative revolution so let’s flashback to the very first Lomographic exhibition in 1992. What do you do when you’ve got several artists demanding equal prominent gallery space for their work? Finding a silver lining in an otherwise sticky situation, the idea to showcase photos as a LomoWall was born!

The year was 1992 and the first Lomography exhibition was underway. Setting up in a small student’s flat, the featured artists were the Lomographic Society International founders’ friends who were very excited to show off their photos shot with the rediscovered Lomo LC-A.

They soon realized that there wasn’t enough room to accommodate varying display requests. Some wanted to see their photos as big blowups, some wanted a series of installations, and some had really specific formats and instructions in mind. So how do you give each artist equal and prominent show spaces?

Lomography has always been about the creative revolution and they eventually came up with an ingenious solution. By gathering all the participants’ negatives, they decided to print the selected photos in a uniform size and format and put them together to create a kaleidoscopic wall of vibrant imagery. Thus, the first LomoWalls were created!

On a larger-scale and from far away, a LomoWall is a gargantuan structure of abstract art—a deluge of colors, gradients, vignettes, and shapes. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see the various vivid imagery of specific subjects and stylized set-ups captured by Lomographers. And aside from being a sight to behold, it is a democratic way to display each person’s work and really shows how Lomography is both a movement and a community for all analogue-lovers!

Needless to say, the first exhibition was a success! Nearly 400 Lomographers squeezed themselves into the tiny gallery space (it was just about 60 sq m) to see the larger-than-life LomoWall and all the photographs it contained.

A testament to its efficacy as a medium is that we are still able to apply the LomoWall concept in today’s virtual world, two decades later. This is, of course, the inspiration for the LomoWalls that you can build in your very own LomoHomes!

Happy 20th birthday to our favourite pioneering photography movement!

*Visit the Lomography 20th Anniversary Website*

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