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2012-11-20 10

My love for lomography began with a single photo I saw in a magazine 3 years ago. Funny because now I can’t even remember exactly what it was. All I could recall was what I felt when I first saw it. I was so overwhelmed by the picture’s beauty and its intense colors and the fact that it was taken using a lomography (film) camera. It was love at first sight and I knew at that moment I just had to learn how.

Getting the ball rolling

It took me a while to do some serious research. What is slide film? E-6, C-41? Cross processing? Redscale? It was all a headache. I am a nurse by profession and I have absolutely ZERO knowledge about film photography. It wasn’t easy for me (I thought blood transfusion was less complicated). I didn’t understand the technicalities as well as half the terms I encountered and at that time I really didn’t have anyone to explain everything to me. But I was determined to break through that.

I finally got my hands on a Diana F+ in Manila on May 2009. Within a week I took it for its first spin on a vacation to Singapore.

Credits: ponzi

My first few rolls were quite depressing. I had a lot to learn. They were either washed out, very dark or they didn’t come out at all! It was frustrating at first but I eventually worked my way through it!

I managed to create accidental doubles like this:

Credits: ponzi

With the help of my very supportive friends, we’ve been able to try some lightpainting:

Credits: ponzi

I’ve learned a lot from fellow lomographers I’ve made friends with in this community, especially those from the group, Shutter Revolution in the Philippines, where I’m from and as well as the ones I’ve met when I moved here in Singapore. Their work and passion has inspired me to try new things, be creative and to see the world in a different light. They’ve all been very gracious to teach me what they’ve learned through their experiences.

Over the past few months I’ve been able to try different films, cameras and take better photos. Although there is still so much that I have yet to learn.

Credits: ponzi

And so here I am, 3 years and 9 lomography cameras later, back in Singapore where I shot my first roll.
The possibilities of shooting film are endless! I’m pretty sure ill be shooting film for as long as they make them.

That’s my story and it doesn’t end here.

How about yours?

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  1. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    nice read! my lomo journey started in singapore too!

  2. ponzi
    ponzi ·

    really? haha :) thank you @walasiteodito!

  3. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    trying more camera and film is always a nice way to keep on going in this lomoworld :)
    nice article!

  4. ponzi
    ponzi ·

    @le_ors i agree! :) thank you! ^^

  5. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    very impressive article will post my story soon

  6. ponzi
    ponzi ·

    @sudhashunmu thank you very much! share yours! ^^

  7. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    and beautiful photos, too!

  8. ponzi
    ponzi ·

    why thank you @icuresick ^^

  9. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    Here you are... with a great portfolio of lovely photos... Well done! xo

  10. ponzi
    ponzi ·

    thank you very much! @blueskyandhardrock ;)

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