Western North Carolina Farmer's Market in the Fall


The Western North Carolina Farmer’s Market in Asheville, North Carolina is a great place to find a plentiful harvest for your fall holidays.

The Western North Carolina Farmer’s Market is owned by the State of North Carolina and features goods produce by local farmers, bakers, canners, and artists. It is friendly, accessible, open seven days a week all year round, and the fresh products offered change with the season.

The first thing you notice is the welcoming smell in the brisk, fall air. I smelled apples, roasted peanuts, and a fresh “green” smell. The Market features locally grown and produced fruits, vegetables, cheeses, jams and jellies, honey, fudge, grains, baked goods, flowers and herbs, meats, and everything pickled. There is a restaurant on site that serves dishes featuring fresh ingredients with the best of the seasonal, local harvest. This fall, I especially enjoyed the variety of gourds, pumpkins, apples, and cider. The fall colors and beautiful quality harvest made for some warm, mouthwatering images in Redscale XR.

If you live in the Western North Carolina area, it is worth it to make a trip to the Western North Carolina Farmer’s Market during each different season for a fresh experience. Imagine an organic, locally grown, farm-to-table Thanksgiving or Holiday feast! There is something to be said about supporting your local and regional communities by eating well.

To learn more about the WNC Farmer’s Market, visit its official site or find it on Facebook.

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