Howl-o-ween with the Super-Chis at the CCRT!


The Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport (CCRT) celebrated Halloween in super style! Check out this introduction to Buster, Harley and adoptable Chihuahua Hollywood, as told by foster mom Trish – If that isn’t enough, wait until you see the photos of these pups in costume!

Buster, Photos taken with the Fisheye No. 2


Buster entered my life in 2008 as a sweet little pup. He is a long hair Chihuahua crossed with Papillon. Buster is super smart, was housebroken about 3 days, and picked up on commands in no time. Buster enjoys doing agility for fun, and is also my star model. He is a natural poser, and when the camera comes out he gets excited and is ready to go. Buster is a mini star, as he has appeared in an ad, and is also on doo-n-go’s website, in addition to several appearances in magazines, and one in a book coming out this fall. Despite his fame, he has always managed to keep himself grounded. Buster also has a job to do, as a foster brother. When new dogs come into the house he makes sure that the new dog learns how to be a dog. Buster’s patience, relaxed attitude goes far with the foster dogs.

Harley, Photos taken with the Fisheye No. 2


I adopted Harley in March 2011. He is a Chihuahua that unfortunately had ended up in several homes, before being surrendered to the CCRT. When I brought him home, he was extremely fearful, of even little things like a leash. Harley also had issues with fear aggression, where he would act out to certain people, in addition to any dog bigger than him (which is pretty much all dogs). With lots of practice and help from Dahlia at Mighty Mutts, it wasn’t long until Harley became more confident, and not feeling the need to go on the attack. He is now a confident, silly, little boy, who is always making me laugh. When he starts to get playful, he gets the zoomies…and he is fast! He loves to get other dogs to chase him. Harley has a job to do also…he teaches the fosters that come into our house how to be a well-balanced dog. Harley is usually in charge of teaching the new dog how to play and have fun. And he is the best snuggler ever!

Hollywood, Photos taken with the Fisheye No. 2


Hollywood is a 5 year old chihuahua JRT cross. He came from an abusive situation. Hollywood is a great little dog, with a few big issues. The main issue that I have been working with him on is his aggression. It can be fear-based, or his way of trying to control or dominate a situation. He has made lots of progress, but still has a ways to go before he will be ready for adoption. Hollywood is a super sweet boy most of the time, he is very smart, and full of energy. This boy deserves a loving furever home!

All shots were ‘shot from the hip’ (Rule #4!) or in this case…shot from the ankle. A lot of fun compositions can be achieved by shooting blind. This particularly makes for more interesting images with small dogs. Many times people take their shots while standing, peering down on their little companion. Getting down to dog level, makes for a much more intriguing photo, and makes those little dogs seem larger than life!

Photos taken with the Fisheye No. 2

Buster, Harley and foster dog Hollywood are all little posers. The moment a camera comes out, they get so excited and are ready to do anything to get that great shot. This Howl-o-ween, they strutted their stuff in their costumes. Buster makes for the cutest little Dark Knight, and he showed of his talents by flying through the air towards the camera. Harley makes for a pretty cool Super Dog…since being adopted from the CCRT back in 2011, he never ceases to amaze me with the progress he has made. And let’s not forget the handsome knight Hollywood (foster dog through the CCRT). He has come so far in the few months I have had him – and he will make someone an amazing little companion once he is ready for adoption. You do not know true happiness until you have gotten a Hollywood snuggle!

To stay updated with Hollywood and other Chihuahuas preparing for adoption or are ready to be adopted, be sure to follow the CCRT for up to date details!

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Words and photos by Trish Aleve

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