My (and my cousins') Analogue Childhood


Everyone has a photographer in their family. In mine, it’s my uncle, and I’m grateful to him not only for having taken all these pictures, but also for having been patient enough to scan them and share them with all of us.

As you must have seen in my other article, my dad and photography don’t get on quite well, so most of my childhood photos came from my camera or from my uncle Miguel’s camera. I’m an only child, but my cousins have been like sisters and brothers to me. Every time there was a family reunion, I waited eagerly for them to arrive from Zaragoza. The pictures I’m showing you are a great summary of those meetings, mostly during the summers, in my grandma’s house.

Here, I’m really, really young, when my younger cousins haven’t yet been born.

Here, during those never ending summers. I tried to arrange them from oldest to newest, so that you can see our evolution. Can you see the blond baby on the last picture? Well, she’s turning 14 years old this month. Time flies! We even had a new cousin after this last picture was taken!

Of course, I’m not going to forget about our typical first communion photos. Beautiful outfits, huh?

To sum it up, let me show you my two favorite pictures. The first one shows my cousin and I doing what we liked most when we were together: ice skating! It was great because our “cool” aunt, who had her own car, traveled a lot and always bought us presents, took us. Do you remember the blond baby above? Well, our cool aunt is her mum. The second pic…well, I like it…because I like it! See how cute we look?

By the way, did you guess which of the two girls is me?

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