Taking The Baby for A Walk Diana Style

2012-11-13 2

This article gives you my first hands-on impression of the Diana Baby 110 camera. It was a fun workshop, nice walk, and a great chance to check out the Diana Baby 110 camera with both the wide-angle and standard lens.

Part of being a Lomographer is putting yourself out there, so when the Lomography Los Angeles Gallery had a workshop on the Diana Baby 110, I decided to go. Not just by myself, but I brought an artistic friend along. It was a smaller class, so we had very personalized attention. It’s a great way to try out a camera you’ve been eyeing.

We chose our film and with a few tips and lenses, we headed out west on Santa Monica Blvd. I started out with the wide angle lens. Just fill the viewfinder and click the shutter release lever down. For a double exposure just find your second shot and click the lever again or as many times as you like.

Wide-Angle Lens Photos

The pictures all came out great but the wide angle has a distortion on a few shots which reminded me of the Fisheye Baby. I switched to the standard lens halfway through the workshop walk. No distortion on the standard lens, but you only get what’s in the white square within the viewfinder. It works great at distances, especially when I shot across the boulevard.

Standard Lens Photos

The Diana Baby is a fun camera but I decided to wait a bit before getting one of my very own. My all back blackjack needs a matching baby, so please Lomography make some more baby clones!!!

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  1. xgitte
    xgitte ·

    wow you got some really clear shots! mine always look grainy when using my fisheye baby

  2. kf4kco
    kf4kco ·

    Yes, xgitte, the Diana Baby is very clear for it's type. You may have better luck with Tiger film. The orca is VERY grainy in my fisheye baby, too.

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