Lomography Color Tiger 110: Multicolor!


The latest addition in terms of cameras in cryboy’s home gave me the opportunity to try the Lomography Color Tiger 110 film. Want to know how it performs? Read on …

My new Baby Diana 110 (which I reviewed a few days ago) gave me the opportunity to test one of the last films born in Lomography: the Lomography Color Tiger 110. A Sunday walk in the company of sizer77 in Mondello, seaside town of Palermo, was a great way to test both the camera and the film.

The 200 iso that characterizes this film are a commodity not be underestimated, because unlike the 100 iso, which is maybe insufficient in cloudy days, and they are not even 400 iso, which maybe overdone for a day of veiled sun and certainly with more evident grain. A good compromise then!

I also found a striking lively color and good contrast, considering that it’s a 110 film. The tipster, if you want to maximize this film is always the same: taking pictures outside and possibly with the sun.

Here are my photos, enjoy!

Here are two photos taken with the flash, again the film did not disappoint!

And you? You have not tried Lomography Color Tiger 110? What are you waiting for? You will not regret! Enjoy it!

written by cryboy on 2012-11-13 #gear #review #color-tiger-110-200-iso-diana-baby-mini-micro-lomography-colors

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