My Friend girlkasia


It took her 3 long months to finally fill up the blanks and complete the interview. But nevertheless, it was very fruitful! Let’s get to know our fellow lomographer who loves ballet dancing and thai-food from Michigan, USA.

Introduce yourself:

Hello. My name is Kasia, and I am Lomographically known as girlkasia. I live in Michigan, USA. I’m currently a student who very much likes lomography, Jake Gyllenhaal, ballet, CSI: Miami, The Impossible Project, and asian food!

How were you introduced to Lomography?

My first Lomographic experience was when I finally got the Holga I’d been lusting over for months. It was broken after one use. It was massively enjoyable while it lasted, though. (… of COURSE I got a new one shortly afterwards!)

I’m sure you have browsed through vast amounts of wonderful photos in the Lomo gallery. Almost every Lomographer would have his/her own distinct style. Do you have a favorite photography/Lomography trick?

I like simplicity and I haven’t tried too many (partly because I’m lazy), but I really like the effect of multiple exposures using Holga’s different color flashes, and I can’t seem to stop double exposing with clouds. I love clouds. I’ve yet to do cross processing.

My favorite camera and film combo is Horizon Kompakt and Kodak Elitechrome EBX 100. What would be yours?

I like my Holga with anything really, she makes everything pretty, but I just use the standard Fujicolor Superia film in a Nikon N2000 I got as a gift and it turned out really nice… it might have just been a fluke, but the colors are awesome and bright.

Have you had any funny or strange experiences while taking pictures?

I’ve received some strange looks when I’m out with my Holga. Once I took out a couple of cameras, my friends would just shake their heads and say “You’re such a camera nerd!”

If would invite you to exhibit one of your photos in a billboard. Which photo would it be, and why?

There’s no cool artsy fartsy deep reason I’d want it on a billboard, I just like it the best. It was a stroke of pure luck that I got her crouching, then at the peak of her jump.

The Lomography community is reading the interview at this moment. If you could collaborate with someone for a Lomographic project, who would it be and why? (drum rolls)

Probably… sugiyamasatomi. I’ve been a lurking fan for a while, hahaha… I love her stuff, it’s all really fun and kind of mysterious but not cliché.

Good choice! – erm, if you have an empty spot for this collaboration… I’d want to contribute too, please? =) What would be a typical day for Kasia?

Me? Wake up at 6, sleep another half hour, get dressed, go to purgatory (school), get home, go to dance, go home again, SLEEP! And take pictures throughout the day if I’ve got time and money. Especially money. Time doesn’t really have much of an effect on my taking pictures, but most of the time I’m broke. Blech!

Let’s do a quick game, and you have to answer this quickly – Name three things that inspire you.

Kids, fall weather, and dreams.

Aside from your Lomography shoots and analog experience, what’s keeping you busy lately?

Balancing dance, school, and a microscopic social life.

I feel hungry right now, recommend something good!

Medium spicy tofu pad thai curry from No Thai in Ann Arbor.

There you go, we have again known another fellow Lomographer whose photos you should not miss!

Go ahead, take a look and get to know more about Kasia by visiting her LomoHome

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Super nice shots ! And lovely interview !

  2. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Fun interview.

  3. sugiyamasatomi
    sugiyamasatomi ·

    wooooooooow! what a honor! thank you sooooo much, Kasia! I would LOVE to collaborate with you specially after seeing all those amazing shots! Great interview, too!:)

  4. girlkasia
    girlkasia ·

    Wowwww haha this got me so excited for some reason! :P

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