Tracing My Lomo Beginnings with the La Sardina El Capitan

2012-11-19 1

My discovery of Lomography and the love affair I have with it is definitely of self-discovery. Looking back at how it started, I can say it’s the best thing I’ve ever spent my time and money on.

Credits: xephryrus

My discovery of Lomography’s existence was an discovery online when I was looking through Flickr and happened to see a picture of someone’s Fisheye One Camera. Curious with the shape and cuteness of the camera, I started Googling and that’s when I started to discover Lomography. I was led to Lomography’s website and that’s where I realized there is a huge community that still shoots photographs in films and still sells these cameras.

However, my first encounter with an actual Lomography camera was not until a few months later when I was on vacation. I ran into a Billabong store in a mall and that’s where I discovered a whole glass cabinet of Lomography cameras. There were so many of them: the Fisheye, Diana, the LC-A+ and the La Sardina. After a long consideration, I decided to go for the La Sardina, the El Capitan version that time because of it’s distinct look yet it looked so similar to a sardine can in beautiful bright red. Of course, when I tried out the La Sardina camera and finished my first roll, it came out blank cause I didn’t know how to properly operate it at first, but I’m getting better at using it.

Photos taken with the La Sardina

I made an account in Lomography and that’s where I started to learn how to take better pictures by looking at other people’s pictures. I was hungry for more, so I got myself an LC-Wide in the Lomography Online Store months later. The LC-Wide made me discover the how Lomography started with the LC-A and how breathtaking their pictures can be.

Photos taken with the LC-W

My Love-affair with Lomography did not stop there. Lomography then released the beautiful red leather LC-A+ Russia Day with a very attractive price. I knew I had to my get my hands on it. The LC-A+ Russia day is probably my most favorite camera so far, as it produces stunning pictures. This baby not only takes pictures that gives a punch, it also helped me got my photos appear in the selected section of Lomography. It was definitely a good day when that happened.

Photos taken with the LC-A+ Russia Day

My love-affair with Lomography will not stop right here, and this is just only the beginning. I’ve recently bought a Lubitel 166+, and a box of X-Pro Sunet Strip film that I have yet to try out. I don’t think I will ever stop being in love with cameras and film. My future is definitely analogue, and I encourage everyone to just dive in and try it, because you won’t regret it.

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  1. eva_eva
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    Keep it up! :) Lovely beginning.

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