Diana Multi Pinhole Operator: Multi Colors, Multi Results, Multi Pleasure


The Diana+ Multi Pinhole Operator is a nice analogue toy in the Diana family. Use pinhole for dreamy pictures without thinking about lenses. Explore the world like a bee and use multiple pinholes. Let your Diana head spin.

Credits: nike-liscaljet

Without a lens or flash, this plastic camera is as lightweight as can be, so why not take it with you anywhere you go? All you need is sufficient (day)light and several extra seconds of your time for each exposure. Because of these criteria, I thought the best way to explore the magic of the Multi Pinhole Operator was to take it with me during the summer. In this review, you can see the results taken on my holiday in former Yugoslavia and Italy, and at a music festival in France.

The Diana+ Multi Pinhole Operator gives you the option to use 1, 2 or even 3 pinholes for a picture. Use a single pinhole for old fashioned pinhole shots. With this pinhole instead of a lens, the results you get are dreamy, soft-focused pictures.

1) Montenegro, 2) Italy, 3) Macedonia, 4) Italy, 5) Italy

Use 2 pinholes for double exposures with one shot. Of course, the exposure time should be shortened now, up to a half. Or use 3 pinholes for a triple exposure in one shot. Again shortening the exposure time, because more holes mean more light on your film.

Having multiple pinholes on your camera does not mean you cannot take mutiple exposures like you are used to with your lens camera. Again, you must not forget to shorten the exposure time when taking multiple exposure shots, and remember that when you use multiple exposures with 2 or 3 pinholes you can get really fragmented pictures. Can you make a picture as if looking with facet eyes?

1) Macedonia, 2) Italy

In my experience, pictures that are full of activity can get a bit crowded using 3 pinholes. You lose focus. On the other hand, and depending on the activity you are photographing, this does add effect to the result. Without the need to use multiple exposures, with multiple pinholes the object is always in line with itself, creating an idea of depth and movement to the picture.

Included with the Diana+ Multi Pinhole Operator are some special colour filters to add in front of the pinhole(s). Using these filters with multiple pinholes you can almost create 3D pictures! I especially loved this effect for my music festival pictures, adding that typical summer music festival sphere in the picture.

Hellfest, France

The redscale film I used during the bright sunny days was a good choice for me, but I wonder what magic tricks the Multi Pinhole Operator can do this winter.


The Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator allows you to choose from 1, 2, or 3 pinholes on a shot. Paired with colour gels, there’s no end to your medium format pinhole fun! Get your own Diana Multi Pinhole Operator now!

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