Tracing My Lomo Beginnings: My Photography Journey Commences

2012-11-19 4

Looking back in 2007, Lomography has opened me to opportunities to learn and discover more about film photography. Here’s how my journey back to film began.

Credits: gelagoo

I have discovered Lomography from the other side of the globe. With the advent of social media I was able to communicate with friends from my birth country. At that time, my friend has started getting into this thing called ‘lomography.’ Of course, I was busy with my studies and part-time job but when I finally got the chance to explore what was it about, I didn’t hesitate and took the plunge.

Credits: gelagoo

I am a 80s kid, therefore I’ve been shooting film all my life. It went on a halt in 2004 when I was given a small compact digital camera which I used to shoot photos for my blog. I didn’t have a part-time job that time so a digital camera was the most convenient way for me to capture things around me. But after shooting for a couple of years and after finding out what Lomography is about, I went back to film.

So, I started with two cameras—the Holga CFN 120 and Fisheye One.

As a total beginner, there were hiccups along the way. I would suggest reading a lot before making your camera purchase (whatever camera it is). I strongly believe it would have been a better experience for me if I perused more on information before I started shooting.

Credits: gelagoo

I shot more with my Holga on the first half of the year that I got it. I remember trying it out with a couple of friends. That time I didn’t know what cross-processing was, so the photos didn’t turn out the way I wanted it (I had a colored negative loaded). I was discouraged at first, but ended up shooting again and picked up tips and tricks along the way. I then went to my city’s legislation building for my second attempt. They turned out the way I wanted them. It was also the first time I shot with black and white film so it was really a breakthrough moment for me.

Credits: gelagoo

I stepped away from my toy cameras for a bit and started shooting more upon getting my first film SLR— a Canon AE-1 black body. After that was my exploration in the world of film photography. I’ve shot 35mm, 120, printed my own photos, developed my negatives…the list goes on.

Credits: gelagoo

I certainly believe that without Lomography, I wouldn’t even continue shooting film until today. I may have started in the most humbling way possible compared to other people, but without Lomography I wouldn’t even discover other types of photography. Whether you shoot for fine art, working for commercial and print advertisements or just for fun, I think Lomography should be recognized as a part of the trailblazers who are leading the film photography market and community today. That is why even though I shoot a lot of things using different tools and techniques, I still go back to Lomography. It’s a way for me to constantly look back and reflect on what I have become and be humble enough to recognize where I started from.

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