Shoot Now, Eat Later

2012-11-09 4

Let’s face it: eating and photography are the most pleasant things to do. But photographing food might be a real challenge, especially if you’re starving and the meal looks appetizing!

I love to eat. I consider it as a hobby instead of a need. Also, I love to cook, travel and taking photos, but enjoying a nice, hot meal is one of the best things I can afford on a daily basis.

Credits: elkilla

Since I work from home, I also have plenty of time to cook a nice meal for my wife. As a househusband and LomoAficionado, I try to do my best at both things I love: cooking and taking photos.

Credits: elkilla

Now, about food and photography: The first thing I would recommend is to take your camera with you if you’re in the kitchen, and put it on a safe place. Never, NEVER put it near the oven or a kitchen burner (if they’re on) because heat can damage your lovely camera and the film inside. Since my kitchen is small, I try to use cameras with wide angle lenses, and try to get as close as I can to the food I’m cooking.

Every step during the preparation of your meal is important, so if you’re chopping some peppers, mixing a batter, boiling some eggs, or even grilling a barbecue, don’t be afraid and take photos! But hey, be careful and don’t get burnt.

Credits: elkilla

No matter if you’re eating a restaurant or at home, presentation is everything. Remember that food comes through our eyes before into our mouths, so if it looks good, it should taste good. Before taking the first bite, take a few seconds and take a photo of your meal when it’s still hot. There are some plates that look different when they’re completely cold (except pizza, haha).

Credits: elkilla

The most important thing when you’re eating: company. The best thing about eating is to share a great time with some friends and relatives. Don’t forget to take photos of them, since eating is one of the best moments you can spend with the ones you care about.

Credits: elkilla

Bon appétit, LomoFriends!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Fun photos and food... much too alliterative!

  2. elkilla
    elkilla ·

    I tried to do my best since English is not my mother language, but thanks anyway @herbert-4!

  3. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    that's us!
    excelente :D

  4. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Sorry, I was attempting a joke... it's a wonderful article!! Your English is far, far better than my Spanish! Please forgive me for causing misunderstanding! Look here:… and here:… and also here:… I love your Tipster!! It's one of my recurring motifs!!

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