Tips for Taking Photographs Of Kids

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Children move fast and live in the moment – we know this, we’ve been there. But how do we manage to catch their charming innocence through analog photographs? Find out after the jump!

Maybe I’m allowed to say I have a lot of experience with kids. I’m only 15 – but I have three cousins, ages 8, 7, and 4 respectively. And I know this for sure: Kids are fast.

When photographing children, it’s important to know that:

Credits: nocturnal

1. They get impatient (and your photos may not always turn out perfect, but that’s the best part).

Credits: nocturnal

2. Sometimes, candid shots bring out the best in them. Always try to photograph them doing what they enjoy doing, or when they least expect you to photograph them.

Credits: nocturnal

3. You need to be fast, because they’re faster.

I’ve taken photos of kids on the street before as well, and it’s just as fun and carefree. You just have to make sure the parents know you’re not a pedophile. (I just try my best to take photographs when they’re not looking.)

Credits: nocturnal

I always enjoy taking photographs of kids, especially of my cousins. It’s fun for everyone. Good luck, and have fun!

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