Tracing Your Lomo Beginnings: My Love Affair Since 2007

2012-11-16 14

In the summer of 2007, three students were talking about this and that in the corner of one University in Bandung. One of them was me; I was wondering why my other two friends were talking about. “Lomography!” I remember when they shouted that to my face, I was clueless back then. When I got home, I opened my Internet browser to search for “Lomography.” I never thought that day would change my life forever! Kids, this is my love affair with Lomography since 2007.

My first ever lomograph!

So, when the day came—the arrival of my first Lomography camera, that is—I will never ever ever forget that feeling. That excitement, that unforgettable moment when I first received the package from the courier. After receiving that package, I ran upstairs and open up the package. My first camera was the Fisheye No.2; as soon as I opened the box and BOOM! There’s my Fisheye No.2!


After that moment, my father came home and said “Adi!! Here’s the film that you ordered!” There goes my first roll and I still remember my first roll was Fuji Superia ISO 400. My father gave me 2 rolls and I quickly loaded it in my brand new Fisheye No.2.

First steps of learning MX!

After shooting with rolls of color negative films, I was curious to try black and white film. Yeah, I was so curious at that time and bought Lucky SHD 100. I think I was so inspired by crazy black and white lomographs that I saw in the Fisheye book!

Credits: adi_totp

Since then I forgot how many rolls of films that I used with my Fisheye No.2 I shot everything and I took my camera everywhere! I just love how people reacted when they saw my Fisheye No.2 and eventually, I shot them! Click! Flash! Click! Flash!

Credits: adi_totp

One thing that I always remember about my first lomographic camera was how I documented my college life through the fisheye lens. It’s funny when I remember those mad crazy moments that I spent with my college buddies. We were young and wasting our time! I really enjoyed my second year in college! Oh those good old days!

Credits: adi_totp

Oh there’s one more thing I would like to tell of you about my love, not my love-affair. I mean how I shot a girl with Fisheye No.2 in one college party, and that girl is now my girlfriend. I began my love-affair with Lomography on 2007 and began my relationship with my girl the next year. And here’s that legendary shot!

Rizka Yuviana

…and you all have to meet my college buddies that introduced me to Lomography.


I think I would say a big thanks to them through this writing. Thanks for introducing me Lomography!
So here’s my Lomo Beginning, How about yours?

Credits: adi_totp

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