Malaysia Sarawak CitySlicker Maduz: Tracing My Lomo Beginnings


I believe in love at first sight and Lomo did steal my heart with the colorful photos produced by the Lomographic tools and films.

I started off with Lomography by using the Lomo Fisheye 2. My cousin and I shared some money to buy our first Lomo Camera. At that time, I did not know much about Lomo. I just started shooting and shooting with different kinds of film. My first film that I bought is Agfa CT Precisa. Here are some of the first few shots using Fisheye 2 with Agfa CT Precisa:

And here are some more of the shots taken with my Fisheye 2:

After that, I ended up buying a LOMO LC-A straight away, as I was mesmerized by the Russian Glass Lens. The photos are sharp as ever and the colours produced are superb! These few photos are my first few shots with LC-A:

These were taken with Fuji Sensia 100 and Kodak EBX. My favorite would be the photo of the seats of the airplane. I randomly snapped those photos without thinking too much. And ‘VOILÀ!’, the outcome was better than I thought it would be.

I still have plenty to show, but I guess I would let you to explore through my albums to see more. Then it would be more thrilling!


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