The Horizon Kompakt: Have No Fear!

2012-11-08 5

I have the awesome privilege of trying out some Lomography cameras I don’t own from my darkroom photography teacher at school. When he let me borrow the Horizon Kompakt and gave a roll of 400 Ilford Black and White 35mm film, I was thrilled and intimidated at the same time. But I say have no fear! The Horizon Kompakt does not fail to deliver, newbie or veteran Lomographers.

Loading the Camera:
It was a tough start. Loading the camera can require a little practice with a tester role of film just to make sure you get it right. When you load it, you have to feed the film under a slim metal spool right beside the film cartridge (I assumed to keep it pressed against where the lens will expose the film, I call that area the pressure plate). Then you feed it on top of another spool with teeth to grab the film sprockets, and finally under the last spool to feed the tab of the film into an indent. So loading the actual film in the camera is basically the only negative thing I would have to say about it, but finally after that obstacle course of spools was figured out, I wound the film and was ready to go!

Shutter Speeds/Aperture:
The shutter speeds in this camera are awesome. I love that I have the options of a quick shutter (1/60) and a long shutter (1/2), making me feel comfortable using any kind of film ISO (even 100 ISO indoors!). You can even see it in the photos: even though it was poring rain (as per usual in Singapore), my photo’s were crisp and not ONE was over or under exposed. Even the set aperture (f/8) delivered perfect depth of field in my landscape and portrait-ish photos.

Fun Artistic Angles:
The one thing that I absolutely fell in love with when I developed these photos was the interesting panoramic frame from the different angles. I have “shot from the hip” with many cameras, but the two frame hip, table, head, elbow, foot shot turns out the best with this awesome little camera.

All in all, I really enjoyed using the Horizon Kompakt. I was a little worried that my film would come out weird because of the funky loading, but everything turned out A-OK. I can’t wait to get a color roll I took with this camera back from the developer!

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  1. clownshoes
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    Sounds awesome

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    it is!! definitely recommend it!

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    Dear Santa....

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    my pleasure!!

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