Sunrise at the Red Ruby


The sun made its path through the heavy clouds, revealed its victory as the light sprayed on the Red Ruby.

Bad luck had been with me the past few weeks, my laptop failed to operate, I lost every single data from it. The digital life makes everything so convenient yet so miserable when it stops obeying you. A sudden thought caught me, why not giving myself a break and have a watch at the sunrise, which I had never witnessed in my whole life.

I started asking my friends around me, Ann, who was my classmate, the 10th person I had asked for companion, promised me to hang around in 6 in the early morning with me at East Coast Park, as she has been looking forward for a sunrise too.

6:00a.m., we walked from the near bus-stop to the beach to find a location with perfect view. We found a short embankment extending out to the sea from the beach, it was a great spot to witness the sun to rise from the horizon. The wind gave us French-kisses as welcome gesture.

An early bird was fishing at the spot where we were waiting the sunrise.

6:30a.m., the sun was supposed to be seen at the horizon, but the clouds did not surrender, blocking every inch of the sunlight. Ann was depressed, I was not happier than her, bad luck has not left me, I said to myself.

6:45a.m., we saw a red shadow making itself up to touch the sky. It was the sun fighting its way through the hole revealed by the clouds. At the same time, the golden lining slowly traced up themselves on the edge of the cloud. Ann and I were thrilled. Then, a full yolk came out subdue the clouds and revealed its true form. We welcomed the sunrise with our arms opened wide.

I said to Ann,“May the sunlight wash away our bad luck!” Ann said,“It will.:)”

written by an_lai_drew on 2012-11-16 #places #location #singapore #red-ruby #local-flavor #east-coast-park #select-type-of-location #landscape #sunrise

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