'Autumnic' Sunset Strip A Review of Lomography Sunset Strip 35mm


It’s wonderful to have Sunset Strip to give my Lomographs a touch of orange AWE-TUMN-NESS!

A few weeks ago, I ran into this Lomography product in the Lomography page. Like no other X-Pro film, the orangey-yellowish tone of the Lomographs caught my eyes, and I quickly made my way to Singapore Lomography Gallery Store to get myself a pack while stock last. Loaded with my favourite La Sardina camera, I began my journey with this lovely film.

I tried my best to test the film in all kind of conditions, from multi-exposure,

to long-exposure, love light streams!

With flash,

and some landscapes. It is interesting for the sky to remain a slight blue while, the orange tone cast over the lower part of the photo.

Other than the unique ‘Autumnic’ effect, the film is actually capable of produce a massive grains in low-light or cloudy condition.

It was a cloudy evening, me and a friend of mine were visiting Marina Barage, and I took a few shots with ‘B’ mode, for roughly 1 1/2 seconds, as the clouds were really heavy. Surprisingly, the results came out outstanding from the others. As it was no yellow or orange, instead there are a tint of greyish-blue.

This film actually resembles its ancestor, Lomography Redscale, while Sunset Strip distinguish itself with its stronger contrast and dramatic color tone. It is a fantastic film and I am looking forward to expose some more rolls.

written by an_lai_drew on 2012-11-01 #gear #35mm #review #orange #x-pro #cross-processed #sunset-strip

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