20 Years of Analogue Photography History in the Making: A Photo Recap 1991-1999

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Check out some amazing pieces of history as we track back through time and see what the Lomographic Society’s has been up to the past twenty years – and beyond! Reminisce with us as we look back from small beginnings to what Lomography is today.

The Lomographic Society’s Founders meet Vladimir Putin

With the LC-A’s popularity rise comes the biggest challenge – the Russian manufacturers decided to stop its production. Our founders then decided to trek to the LOMO Optics factory in Russia to woo the head honchos (as well as then-Vice Mayor Vladimir Putin) to continue with the LC-A production for the world.

Early Lomowalls
These are some of the first ever LomoWalls that were constructed, way before we had amazing photos in each of our LomoHomes!

The Lomo Factory in Russia
The original ЛОМО́ (LOMO) factory was boasting with such energy back then – with camera assembly geniuses hard at work, crafting the now wildly sought Russian-lensed cameras in their original camera bodies.

The Lomodepot, Vienna

In 1996, one of the Lomographic founders was doing Lomography projects part-time while studying. During this time, she founded the ‘Lomodepot’ a small community/club, where analogue photography enthusiasts met together. Possibly the earliest sign of things to come, the Lomodepot has transformed now as a community of thousands!

The First Lomographic Exhibition: Simultaneous in Moscow/New York

In 1996, the very first Lomographic exhibition was simultaneously held in New York City and Moscow. This is the first time that gargantuan LomoWalls graced both cities, showcasing amazing Lomographs from the other country.

Opening of the Lomography Berlin Embassy

Just a few months after the first simultaneous Lomographic exhibition, the Berlin Embassy was born. An amazing party was thrown out amongst colorful Lomographs, in a city not too far from home.

Actionsampler World Championship, New York

In 1999, the crew headed on to New York for the Actionsampler World Championship. Minimovies from the multilensed, action-capturing camera were shown, as well as an amazing gallery of all the photos submitted in the competition.

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  1. adventuresinanalog
    adventuresinanalog ·

    Great article, I'm proud to be part of this movement.

  2. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Glad to help keep the dream alive :))

  3. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    Those guys in the photos from '96 look like a grunge band, like Pearl Jam or the Pixies or something. Fantastic!

  4. ditchbitch
    ditchbitch ·

    who can tell about shot on the left? when and were it was made? microsites.lomography.com/twenty_years/images/slide3.png

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