Thinking of New York: Some of the best NYC shots from the community

2012-10-31 1

Whether you live there or not, whether you’ve ever been there or only know it’s sights from books, films and TV; New York City holds a special place in the heart of many people. With the recent disaster of hurricane Sandy hitting the city and many other places in the northeast US, let’s take a minute to look at some of the best shots of the metropolis from our online community.

Credits: stouf

There are many iconic images that come to mind when thinking about New York City: the famous bridges, Lady Liberty, firefighters and their trucks, Central Park resting right in the middle of the busy brouhaha. Fortunately, our community members have captured all these sights with their analogue cameras, so enjoy these lomographs while the city recovers from one of the worst natural disasters it had to endure.

Credits: jeffr, takezzo, cc-in-paris, traaaart, fotoglove, anarchy, panelomo & natalie_zwillinger

What ranks among your favorite spots in New York City? Have you captured them with one of your cameras?

Credits: lawypop, fotoglove, corzh, grazie, cc-in-paris, jeabzz, jokaldn, elede, faefaefae & hanshendley

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