The Colors of Siam

2012-11-05 5

Bangkok, it’s my favorite city – so far. The colors, culture, music, food, the colorful taxis and tuk-tuks, the smiling faces – endeared this city to me. I’ve been to this city three times already (and still counting), and it’s a place that I’ve always enjoyed, each time I pay it a visit!

Just touched down!

I’ve been to almost all the famous spots in the city, I spent my third trip getting lost as well as some indoor shopping. Bangkok is definitely a shopping haven! You can get a pretty dress for just RM20! Bags, shoes, dresses, tops, accessories, they’re everyyyyyyywheeeerreeeee! Shopping aside, the thing I enjoyed the most would be the FOOD! I really can’t take spicy food, but somehow I love Tom Yum a lot, and before I forget, Bangkok also has my favorite coconut ice cream and really fresh lime juice!

Getting lost somewhat seems scary, but it’s cool, so why not? Hahaha! We opted to take the boat, and stopped at someplace we weren’t really familiar with and spent one to two hours walking, looking for the way out, and getting lost! Thanks to the very helpful police officers as well as the map, we finally found the way to the nearest MRT station! Phew!

Got lost somewhere around here and couldn’t find my way back to the town!

Anyway, besides from getting lost in a more rural part of the city, we had fun enjoying the one and only beautiful sunset we had during our four-day trip to Bangkok as September is the rainy season. It was raining almost everyday during our stay there! Well, I love discovering something new, so we walked, and on the way, we kept on stopping to take photos!

Colorful Bangkok!

I also managed to meet up with the Lomography team in Bangkok! I finally paid a visit to the Lomography Embassy Store! It was nice to meet you, Deng, Ko, and Mike.

Lomography Bangkok Embassy Store

They took me around, and had dinner at this very cool, abandoned train-station restaurant! It’s a shame that the storm prevented us from visiting the night market outside the restaurant, it’s so unique and carries so many vintage, used stuff and they even decorated their business van with super striking colors on their ultimate cutie Volkswagen van! Aww, I want to go there again!

Vintage train market

We visited the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, which claims to be world’s biggest weekend market ever. I went there each time during my visit. It’s my favorite market ever! They have a wide variety of different kinds of stuff being sold at different corners of the market. What amazed me most would be the clothes (for sure), and I grabbed as many as possible! Haha! But I’m not a shopaholic, I just love grabbing bargain stuff, with unique designs and are hard to find in my country. The market offers a wide variety of great street food too! I had whole lots of fun (and sweat) there!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

I did not go to other interesting places in the city for sightseeing but I had fun shopping indulging in the local specialties. :) Perhaps I should plan a trip to this colorful city again, next year!

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  1. maduz
    maduz ·

    i wish i can go travel like you do eva. what a dream comes true. :))

  2. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    @maduz, you can do it too. Spent money only on the needs, plan on a perfect timing, take leave, go for a budget trip! :)

  3. maduz
    maduz ·

    Thank you for the tips @eva_eva. I will do it! GANBATTE!!!! hahaha...

  4. 186juney
    186juney ·

    BKK is awesome, isn't it? I've been visiting BKK almost annually for about a decade and finally had my dream fulfilled by living there for a brief 4 and a half months earlier this year. Krung Thep is an amazing city and I hope to live there again someday! :) Nice photos!

  5. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    @186juney yes! Bangkok rocksssss! I love Bangkok alot too! Gosh, I'm jealous! I wish I can stay there too. :)

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