Pan-Chan bungalows at Palenque - Chiapas, Mexico


At night, you might hear howler monkeys, all kind of birds and all kind of insect sounds. The advantage of staying here is the proximity to the Archaeological Zone of Palenque (Mayan ruins) where you could spend a beautiful sunny day walking through this amazing place.

An alternative community of small groups of abañas makes a zone near Palenque called “El Panchan”. The stay here is the wildest experience you can have inside the jungle. For a hundred pesos per person, you can enjoy this amazing experience. The bungalows are equipped with own bathroom, hot water, two or three double beds, electric fan and the special ingredient: the jungle surrounding you.

The bar/restaurant at Panchan, offers all kind of Mexican food (enchiladas, quesadillas, chilaquiles, etc.) and delicious pizzas made on a wood-fired oven in addition to all the bar-cocktails you can imagine. On weekends, at midnight, a group of persons start to play drums and, with them, fire dancers perform together. It is amazing!

Of course I highly recommend this place and sure your Lomo cameras will be glad to be there. If you are thinking on visiting Chiapas, don´t think twice staying at this marvelous almost-natural-shelter.

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  1. stouf
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    Amazing ! It reminds me of when I went in Palenque... What a spot !

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  4. disdis
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    Really nice place! It's very well known in Spain!

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