Most Popular Photos of Malaysia – Best of October 2012


Another month has passed! Let’s look at the best photos from the Malaysia community from October 2012.

Dancing gracefully underwater.

Credits: fayeusokoi

The upside down tree.

Credits: maduz

My lovely sister.

Credits: tomkiddo

Happy three jumping friends

Credits: raylim

Adorable Pink.

Credits: jetnz81

I mixed them both.

Credits: kelvinchew

Self-double project. When flowers collide with portraiture.

Credits: raylim

The beautiful cheerful bride!

Credits: yokekei

Sunset or sunrise, you decide.

Credits: fayeusokoi

Creepy. October is the Halloween month.

Credits: maduz

These were superb. Here goes our top 10 photos from Malaysia in October 2012. Are you ready for November?

Upload your lomographs now, and who knows, your photos might be one of the best photo next month! Don’t forget to tag ‘Malaysia’ on all the pictures taken in Malaysia or by Malaysian! Happy uploading and tagging! Keep shooting and Lomo-On, Malaysia!

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  1. jetnz81
    jetnz81 ·

    Congratz to everyone ^^ @fayeusokoi @maduz @tomkiddo @raylim @kelvinchew @yokekei
    hope coming Nov we have a great Photo again ^^

  2. kelvinchew
    kelvinchew ·

    Thanks to everyone to press the likes and congratz to @fayeusokoi @maduz @tomkiddo @raylim @jetnz81 @yokekei
    lets shoot more nice photo ^^

  3. tattso
    tattso ·

    always amazed by the great stuffs coming from malaysia. @fayeusokoi @maduz @tomkiddo @raylim @kelvinchew @yokekei

  4. fayeusokoi
    fayeusokoi ·

    thanks @jetnz81 @kelvinchew and @tattso of course thanks Lomography Malaysia

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