A Summer isn't Summer Without the Fisheye Submarine

2012-11-01 3

The purple Fisheye 1 was my second Lomo camera and after the first film, where I discovered the wonders of the fisheye effect, it wasn’t long till I noticed how fun it would be to get the underwater casing. So a few months later, I got it… and I don’t regret it!

Moreover, my casing is an underwater casing with glamour, as I bought it on a trip to Milan. And I almost couldn’t bring it back because of the hand baggage restrictions. In the end, it arrived safe and sound and I used it for the first time, joyful, in an afternoon at the pool with some friends.

Well, maybe joyful is not the word. If you have the Fisheye Submarine I guess you may have had the same insecure feeling and nervousness just before putting it underwater for the first time. I remember going inside the pool but with the camera up, not daring to get it wet. That is until a friend dared me and put my hand and camera inside the water. From then on, it was non-stop: doing the handstand, jumping, half-in, half-out the water… It’s proved – you bring the Fisheye with its casing to the pool, and you forget the heat and realize time flies.

But this great accessory isn’t limited to the pool, no. It’s also suitable for the beach and what results it gives! The light, the water, and the bottom of the sea give a very special and different touch to the pics taken in the sea, although you have to be careful with the salt. Firstly, we have to remember to rinse the casing in fresh water after taking it out to sea, and secondly, because it makes the eyes very sore, it becomes such a challenge to pose with a smile!

The Fisheye Submarine is so resistant that it can even swim in thermal waters. I have to admit I was a bit scared of putting it underwater here as well because of the temperature, but in the end the pics came out as well as the latest… but more relaxing.

You’ve already seen this casing bevery adaptable and if we leave the traditional colour negative film, we can achieve spectacular results, beginning with the mystery and weightlessness sensation of the underwater b&w photos…

… and of course, changing natural colours thanks to cross-processing.

To finish, a couple of pieces of advice which will make the casing last a long time:

  • Firstly, what I told you before: remember to rinse the casing with tap water to remove the pool chlorine or the sea salt, and leave to dry in the air, not with a towel, to avoid scratches.
  • When getting home, it’s advisable to remove the black rubber that makes it airtight and wash with water and soap the casing and rubber separately. This way we’ll remove any hint of dirt that could have been trapped between the rubber and the casing, which could damage it. Remember the casing comes with a spare rubber.

And an extra little piece of advice for the sharp Lomographers: if you’re thinking in introducing any beloved one into the Lomoworld, the Fisheye could be a good gift. Not just because the camera is very curious for the newbies as well as for the experts, but because you’ll have to other gifts solved. Start giving the camera and for the next time you’ll already have it solved: the submarine casing! And for the next one… the circle cutter!

What do you think? Now that good weather is coming I’m already looking forward to taking out again my submarine Fisheye!

The Fisheye Submarine is the Big Dipper of all underwater camera cases – it takes the Fisheye experience to a whole new level! It is compatible with both the Fisheye One and Fisheye No. 2. Get your own Fisheye Submarine and have a wet and wonderful time!

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  1. mochilis
    mochilis ·

    Gracias por la traducción @yesno_maybe!! ;)

  2. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Absolutely gorgeous,picture in an otherwise adverse medium for camera and film!

  3. yesno_maybe
    yesno_maybe ·

    De nada @mochilis :)

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