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The series of articles “Ateliê La Sardina” showcase the work of artists that were invited to customize one La Sardina DIY camera. Here you will find more about graphic artists, painters, designers and also nice people who express their ideas through art. To start we open the stage for the multi-talented Daniel Semanas, read more after the jump!

Name: Daniel Semanas
Age: 25
City: Santos

Can you tell us a little about yourself? How old are you, where are you from, what do you do for living…

I was born 25 years ago in the city of Santos, I graduated in visual communication by Senac. Currently I’m working as a director in a place called Paranoid,br, and I am passionate about dinosaurs and drawings.

Teaser for the next Lollapalooza has illustrations made by Daniel.

Talk about your style, and creation process? How did you evolve until reaching this point?

I love mixing between different styles, I believe that today it is almost impossible to create something from scratch, so I decided to take a number of references that I identify, mix, and put in a new context.

What inspires you?

Everything :)

What did you use to customize your La Sardina DIY? How do you compare this work with larger ones made ​​for you? Found it easier or more complicated?

I wanted to do anything besides draw on the paper, so I thought in some materials. I bought some colored papers and joked with cut and paste. Whenever I get the chance I try to do something I never did. I never got success with scissors and glue, this time the biggest challenge was to get everything right. Only on the third attempt I was able to make something beautiful and clean hehehe.

If you have another La Sardina DIY to customize, would you do anything differently? What material would like to use?

Before you opt for paper cutting, I did a test with modeling clay, but didn’t work, if I had a little more time to work I would like to try something with modeling clay.

Any tips for someone who does not know where to start to create the design?

A good way to find yourself is to try a little of everything. Think of various styles and techniques that interest you and try each one in his own way, and then mix everything in the way you will end up finding your own style.

Some of the work made by Daniel

You are involved in some interesting project currently?

I’m involved with my first short film in live action. It’s all shoot with a broken camera, no budget and no actors. It tells the story of a boy who hits his head and starts to see everything blurry, I’m very excited about this project.

Want to leave a message for the Lomography Community?

I wanted to thank for the opportunity and the camera that I enjoyed too, can’t wait to see the photos =) Big hug to everyone!

To Know more about Daniel Semanas work go to his website!

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