Capturing Autumn: Your Typical Autumn Photos – With a Twist.

2012-11-01 2

Are you (too) guilty of taking hundreds of photos of trees and fallen leaves? But even though your photos come out pretty, don’t you think you may already have hundreds of identical photos? Read along after the jump to add some variety to your autumn photos!

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It’s even a cliche to say that cliches become cliches for a reason. Taking photos of leaves and trees during autumn is a cliche for sure, but somehow we just can’t seem to avoid it. Could it be because of the variety of color, or just because those rare sunny days make you appreciate it more?

Credits: desibel

When it comes to trees and fallen leaves I just can’t help myself. I may have a thousand identical shots by now. But no matter how many shots I have taken, trees will always continue to fascinate me. And they just always seem so photogenic, don’t they?

Credits: desibel

Here’s what I did to give a twist to my autumn photos: I exposed the same roll twice. I took my camera out for a walk in the park and shot the first layer with the typical leaves and trees. Then I rewound the film, but instead of winding it fully into the canister, I left a tiny bit sticking out. I loaded the same roll into the same camera again, taking normal photos on the already exposed roll!

Credits: desibel

This would work with just any analogue camera, even the ones that don’t have a special button for taking double exposures. If you have a camera where you can set the ISO, make sure to underexpose the photos. Say you are shooting a 200 ISO film, set your camera to 400. When you can’t set an ISO but can choose between different weather conditions, just pick ‘sunny’. Can’t set anything? Don’t worry – just choose a low ISO film (100 or 200), in this time of year you can hardly overexpose this.

Credits: desibel

Because you don’t know which photos will overlap, the whole roll will be a surprise: full of happy accidents! Is all of this not exciting enough for you? You can even use two different cameras, or do a film swap with a friend! Can you think of any other variation to spice up your autumn shots?

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  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Nice article! I just published my own version of autumn doubles too:…

  2. desibel
    desibel ·

    Those are really cool @buckshot! Thanks for sharing :)

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