Shooting Sparta in Spooky Lighting Techniques


You do not need expensive lighting equipment to enhance your subject.

It is really fun when you do experiment with lights. Any lights will do, but in this case, I was using lights from the car headlights to give extra lighting to my subjects. Here are some photos of the spooky lighting techniques that I had done during the Sir Attext Photoshoot with my LOMO LC-A.

I was using Fuji Provia 100F (Fresh) and the weather was drizzling a bit, and we did it during the night. Try to experiment with different lighting techniques.

All the best!

written by maduz on 2012-10-31 #gear #tutorials #quickie-tipster #art #spooky-lighting-techniques-lc-a-headlamp-car-lamp-lights-headlights #tipster

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